College and high school hold special places in the hearts of many people. The memories, friendships, classes, and detention all contribute to making these moments special. Your time during high school and college are among the best periods in life where you make some of the best and worst choices in life. To start with, it is important to know the difference and similarities between high school and college. High school and college are both centers for education that aid students in learning more and help them to attain academic success in life. 


High School vs College – Sample Paper 


High school is necessary and a free place of learning, while college is optional and some are quite expensive. There are rules to follow in high school to guide a student and students found wanting are usually punished. There are assignments too, high school teachers push their students to finish their assignments, and there is punishment for those who don’t, such as detention.


In college students are not compelled to do their school work. There is no detention center. It is up to the student to do it or fail. College professors are more lenient when dealing with students involved in minor offenses such as eating and drinking in class. In high school there are many rules to abide by such as no eating and drinking in class, leaving the class without permission, dress code, etc. 


Meanwhile, in college, there is no dress code, students do not need a hall pass to leave a class, some professors permit eating and drinking. There are no strict behavioral rules in college. Even though different rules are bonding both college and high school, there are some similarities. Things like the consumption and possession of alcohol or drugs. There is zero tolerance for assault, physical harm to fellow students and endangerment.


College is quite expensive because of the cost of living, tuition fees, and books. Normally, tuition increases depending on the semester and department. The money for tuition does not include living and feeding cost, most people try to support their college fees through a scholarship to ease the payment burden. Others have to work part-time. High school is funded by the government so it is quite cheap and there is no need for tuition, living costs or buying expensive books. The school provides books for the students.


The aim of attending a high school or college is to acquire knowledge that will shape your future. However, your chances in the labor market will be higher when you have a college degree. A high school certificate may not take you far up the career ladder as a college degree would. The amount of money a high school graduate would earn in an office is far lower than what a college graduate will earn. 


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