Fresh and Thoughtful Topic Suggestions for Your Essay

The basic tenet of a good essay is a topic that arouses curiosity. This is what drives a reader beyond the first paragraph and into the body of your paper. It captures his attention and imagination creating the urge to dig deeper into the paper. What defines such a topic?

  • Relevance - this means an issue that people in the world today and especially in your area of study are interested in. It means one that solves their problem. It is an issue or topic that a reader or your target audience can identify with. A relevant topic can be obtained from prevailing media discussions, research suggestions or a recommendation from your teacher.
    • Fresh - this means handling a current affair. Avoid topics or areas that have been discussed several times in the past. The discussion will offer nothing new to the reader. In fact, once a reader encounters such a topic, the most likely action to take is to drop the paper. Seek to offer something new through your paper.
    • Interesting - a thought provoking idea is interesting to read. This has something to do with the approach you take or the perspective you adopt. Give your issue or topic an interesting twist that will generate interest.

    Here is a list of thoughtful ideas for your essay to consider.

    1. Is democracy a representation of the will of the people?
    2. World hunger is manufactured and not natural
    3. If military expenditure was spent on humanity, the world would be a better place
    4. Religion is more about individuals than God
    5. The earth is not the only inhabited planet
    6. Voting age should be reduced to 16 years
    7. Junk food companies should pay higher taxes
    8. Immigrants are an incredible asset in any economy
    9. Technology has made humanity less social
    10. The media creates and destroys celebrities

    With a good topic, your essay will be interesting to read. Focus on an area that you are passionate about. Consult qualified essay writers to ensure that it is relevant before proceeding.